Doris Edwards, Director at MS Micro Solutions SARL, Geneva, Switzerland

Doris Edwards – Web Content Strategist & Producer

Our company MS Micro Solutions SARL is based in Geneva, Switzerland.


At SoYouWantAChange, we are a highly qualified team of experts.


Creating powerful content is not a loner’s game! By bringing together active practitioners in their chosen field, we’re able to tap into a pool of expertise and collaboration that feeds excellence and creativity.


We have been in the technology transfer business for over 20 years – working with a broad range of local and international companies and agencies in Switzerland, and beyond.


As the Internet changes the way organisations and individuals consume products and services, we have evolved to focus increasingly on the web: we’ve been creating online content for our clients since 2005!


Our mission is to enable businesses in Switzerland to use the Internet to improve the cost effectiveness of their marketing.


If you’d like to know more, please contact our founder, Doris Edwards. You can reach her in many different ways, as proposed on this page.


Doris is a qualified adult trainer with over 25 years of experience serving multinational clients.


She runs two video blogs with several hundred subscribers: RikkisTips (in English) and AstucesRikki (in French).


At present, MS Micro Solutions SARL is producing an online course about Content Marketing.


And in May 2012 Doris initiated the Geneva Lean Startup group, to encourage talented professionals to go ahead and start their own business.


She will be happy to discuss your unique needs.