The Lean StartUp – How to create a more successful entrepreneurial business

In a previous blog post I underlined the importance of measuring the popularity of your web site and presented you with a video tutorial about how to integrate Google analytics into your web pages.

Today’s article takes a step back to illustrate the importance of experimentation and measuring as the underlying principle for a repeatable and scalable business model.

Searching to build a business based on a product or service that fulfils a true need or solves a true problem must be the start up’s most important quest.

But more often than not, we get it the wrong way round: we first build the product or service we love and then look for clients whose needs we guess it fulfils or problem we imagine it solves.

The Lean StartUp approach is a collection of principles destined to help entrepreneurs make better business decisions at the very start of their journey of building a business.

If you’re in a process of change and consider starting a business, I highly recommend your watching the lecture given by serial entrepreneur and Stanford professor Steve Blank, in the context of the Lean StartUp movement. He shows us how to look past ourselves and our beliefs to come up with innovative products and services people really want to buy.

Give yourself the opportunity to discover this really helpful concept and grab the lecture here:

Advice for today’s start-up entrepreneurs

(You might have to subscribe to the course. It’s free.)

And last but not least, if you are inspired by Steve Blank’s lecture, please join the Geneva Lean StartUp group I created in May 2012. I plan to make this group an outstanding place for inspiration and learning – because I want you to be successful with your business.

You’ll meet innovative and smart people who are at various stages of implementing the Lean StartUp principles. A great opportunity to meet real (not virtual) people in person here in Geneva.

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