How to start with Internet (Content) Marketing

This article is most useful if you’re one of these:   1. A department head in a larger company   2. Running your own business   3. A consultant or a freelance service provider.

In a previous post, we talked about why engaging customers takes more than just a click, a link or a share on the Internet. Check it out and grab 20 powerful content marketing tactics.

But perhaps you’re at an earlier stage of your Internet marketing journey? You are aware that online marketing is a next step you need to take for your business, but you’re confused about where to start and suffer from information overload.

This article is for you! You’ll find here below the Internet Marketing Buying-Cycle Roadmap which gives you the big picture in one single Table, ready to be your reference guide and providing you with a controlled, step-by-step approach.

Before bringing out the big artillery and spending lots of money on Internet marketing, remember to experiment with prototypes in a well-confined space for a while; observe what happens and how your audience reacts. Take it from there and build your expertise over time, drawing conclusions from positive and negative feedback. Because what works for the business next door might not work for yours!

And then – down the road – you’ll have gained insight and discovered the very ingredients that seduce your customers and prospects. When this happens, you’re well on the way towards growing your business with your own smart Internet and content marketing solutions.

The Internet Marketing Buying-Cycle Roadmap is an easy and concrete entry point for your online marketing journey. If you subscribe to our Easy Tips on the sidebar to the right, I’ll be sending you a neatly formatted PDF file which contains straightforward action steps and the Roadmap whose image you see here below. I respect your being busy and will do everything possible to be short and clear.

And last but certainly not least, this article is once again heavily based on work done by Lee Odden and on content found on his Optimize website as well as his Optimize book. I encourage you to follow Lee on Google+, Twitter and/or his two websites: Optimize and TopRank – his online marketing blog.

For self-learning I highly recommend getting the above mentioned Optimize book, it’s a must!

The Internet Marketing Buying-Cycle Roadmap here below refers to a business selling a product. In a future article I’ll present the same Roadmap for a business selling a service. And then, this same Roadmap once again may also be applied in the context of the Lean StartUp principles of which I am a great fan. Watch out for future articles on this blog.

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Assume you’re Peter of FootwarePlus, a reseller of a excuisite designer shoes that caters for people with problem feet.

So far, Peter’s marketing efforts have been traditional: yellow pages, advertisements in relevant trade magazines, cold calls/door-to-door selling to shops, orthopedists, chiropodists, podiatrists.

To start with, identify which stage of the buying-cycle is particularly important to your business. Then concentrate your Internet marketing efforts on that bit. Measure with Google analytics and observe what happens.

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