How do I start with Content (Inbound) Marketing?

In a previous post entitled 20 powerful content marketing tactics, I talked about why attracting visitors to your website requires more than just a click, a link or a share on a social media platform.

This article provides a useful reference guide in the form of an infographic. We name it Internet Marketing Buying-Cycle Roadmap.

Experiment first

Remember to experiment first, well before you commit your precious time and finances to big and expensive marketing projects.

Try different angles using the prototype approach. How do your customers react? What does success look like for you? What do you measure? And how do you know whether you’re successful?

Build your expertise over time, drawing conclusions both from positive and negative feedback.

The infographic I have chosen for you comes from Lee Odden, an online marketer I like. I recommend his book entitled Optimize and his blog at TopRank.

NB: the infographic (navigate downwards if you want to view immediately) describes a business selling a product. Refer to this same roadmap when you have a business selling services.

The Buyer Roadmap – A Self-study example

Assume you are Peter and you’re running FootwarePlus, a reseller of a excuisite designer shoes.

Your company differs from other shoe shops in as far as it caters for people with problem feet.

So far, your marketing efforts have been traditional: yellow pages, advertisements in relevant trade magazines, cold calls/door-to-door selling to shops, orthopedists, chiropodists, podiatrists.

The Buying-Cycle Roadmap

I recommend you start by identifying which stage of the buying-cycle is particularly important to your business. Then concentrate your initial online marketing efforts on your chosen cycle.

Set yourself targets and measure performance with Google analytics or similar business intelligence software.

Above infographic was created
based on Lee Odden‘s work.

I hope you’ll find this roadmap useful. If you do (or don’t), please start a conversation:-) and leave me your comment, right here below.

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