The naked truth about your website’s popularity (and why only real numbers count)

The naked truth about your website’s popularity (and why only real numbers count)

In other words, is your website doing what it’s supposed to do: attract potential clients and convert them into customers?

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Whatever business you’re in, it’s no good tapping in the dark.

Smart entrepreneurs might start off with an intelligent guess but they don’t fall in love with their product!

On the contrary, they reach out and listen carefully to what their potential clients want, as opposed to dreaming alone about the wonderful things their customers might need.

Let’s take Jacques the baker. He observes his customers and understands their habits &  preferences: he’s found out that it’s no good baking hot spicy buns on Mondays, because they’re left on the shelf. But on Fridays, wow, they are all gone by 10am. Go figure!

I am sure you’re like Jacques: just like him you’d adjust your baking plans accordingly: you’ll make less hot spicy buns on Mondays but much more on Fridays. Right?

Remember the baker story when creating and updating your website. Ok, you’re not as physically close to your customers as you would be if you owned a bakers shop. No matter: to make up for the lack of physical presence, you’ll get to profit from today’s very powerful online tools; these do the job just as well, if not better.

This is the reason for my publishing this article. Together with a strong recommendation that you install Google Analytics on your website today.

I have created a 3 minute video to give you the big picture about how it’s done. It’s easy but a bit techy. And as you’re already busy running your company, you’re most probably better off to delegate this task to an expert, such as  your web master.

If you don’t have a web master, get in touch with me. I’ll make sure your Google Analytics installation happens quickly and professionally.


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  1. Great video, Doris ! I love Google Analytics and check them at least monthly if not more often.